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The truth behind closed doors in Germany

Germany 2014

in co-production with
Honnom Film GbR and Postbar GbR

Genre: Black Comedy
Duration: 90 Minutes
Capturing Format: RED
Screening Formats: DCP, BluRay, DVD
Sound: Dolby SR

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While in this day and age germany´s economic and social stability inspires awe and admiration throughout the world, TOILETS is looking behind the scenes of success and therefor betakes to the place where everybody has to come clean and face the truth. With five delicate stories taking place on five different toilets, this pitch-black comedy relentlessly illuminates some dark corners of today´s german society, thereby revealing a colorful potpourri of human perfidy.

Young and talented LONI NORDAHL (25) is one of the German swim team’s great hopes – until an unannounced doping check threatens to ruin all of her medal hopes. Will Dr. Dietrich succeed in rescuing Loni’s career and the gold medal for Germany in the training center toilet?

MARTIN ROLFES (36) is haunted by a customer while spending his lunch break in the hardware store’s staff restroom. MR. JANSEN (78) asks Martin if he can make a confession, little by little dragging the friendly garden department employee into a moral dilemma.

MS. SCHOHUSEN (78), whose spouse recently suffered a serious stroke, consults MR. TAPKEN (52), a sanitary retail storeowner, about a toilet seat raiser. The unscrupulous businessman soon realizes how he can glean profit from the older couple’s suffering. Will Mr. Tapken modernize Schohusen’s bathroom – and for whose good?

PATRICIA and CHARLOTTE (both in their mid-30s) meet accidentally in a 5-star hotel restroom during a charity auction. Charlotte has recently fallen in love, as the nouveau riche Patricia finds out. And so Patricia freely chats about her one-night stand with Charlotte’s new boyfriend – although she just accepted the marriage proposal from her long-term partner. They finally get to the bottom of their relationship when Patricia asks Charlotte to be her maid of honor.

And finally MANFRED KASUNKE (65) is brutally attacked by two juveniles in a shabby subway station toilet – but the adolescents have chosen the wrong victim this time. The older gentleman turns out to be a French Foreign Legion veteran with a very special fetish…

This five intertwined episodes are staged in the manner of an intimate play, occasionally testing the audience’s moral judgment.

- 35. Filmfestival Max Ophuels Preis 2014, Saarbruecken (Germany), GERMAN FESTIVAL PREMIERE
- 1. International Film Festival Potsdam 2014 (Germany)
- 56. Nordic Film Days 2014, Luebeck (Germany)
- European Film Market 2015, Berlin (Germany)
- Film Festival Schleswig-Holstein 2015, Kiel (Germany)
- HEIMSPIEL Filmfest 2015, Regensburg (Germany)

Manfred Kasunke 'Le Dude' – Rudolf Waldemar Brem
Tarkan – Hüseyin Ekici
Mrs Schohusen – Marie Anne Fliegel
Martin Rolfes – Josef Heynert
Werner – Siegfried Kernen
Patricia – Dorkas Kiefer
Michi – Helmut Krauss
Kevin – Philipp Kronenberg
Mr Jansen – Peter Maertens
Mr Tapken – Horst-Günter Marx
Ludmilla Svoboda – Claudia Rieschel
Willi Schohusen – Michael von Rospatt
Charlotte – Anne Weinknecht
Loni Nordahl – Teresa Weißbach
Dr. Maximilian Dietrich – Anian Zollner

Theatre/DVD/VOD-Distribution for german-speaking Territories:
Dualfilm Verleih, Stuttgart

Script – Sören Hüper & Christian Prettin
Directors – Sören Hüper & Christian Prettin
Producers – Sören Hüper, Volker Redeker, Dirk Roggan, Mario Mosner
Executive Producer – Anna Diezemann
Creative Producer – Dominik Friebel
DOP – Dominik Friebel
Editor – Andreas Bardet
Music – Johannes Bahlmann
Production Design – Iris Trescher
Costume Design – Sarah Reuleke
Makeup – Janine Schoch

Sales Representative for all other Rights and Territories:
Volker Redeker, leitmotiv film GmbH

The Clarification of a Situation

Germany 2008

Rated 'highly recommended' and 'film of the month' by the FBW (Germany´s official seal of approval for films)

40+ film festival screenings worldwide
5 national and international awards
Aired on national and international tv

In co-production with
Honnom Film GbR
Supported by the German Federal Film Board FFA.

Genre: Drama
Duration: 15 Minutes
Capturing Format: Super 16mm
Screening Formats: 35mm, HDCam, BetaCam, DVD
Sound: Dolby SR
Shot on locations in Northern Germany.

Jürgen Schulz – Josef Heynert
Sybille Schulz – Julia Brendler
Hauptmann Kühnel – Horst-Günter Marx
Rechtsanwalt Dr. Wetzel – Joachim Kappl

Script – Sören Hüper & Christian Prettin
Directors – Sören Hüper & Christian Prettin
Producers – Volker Redeker & Dirk Roggan
DOP – Marcus Kanter
Editor – Nikolai Hartmann
Music – Marian Lux
Production Design – Iris Trescher
Costume Design – Ingalill Knorr
Makeup – Dunja Brandt

Theatre-Distribution and Sales via:
interfilm Verleih, Theatres and DVD worldwide.
Katholisches Filmwerk, DVD german-speaking territories
W-Film Verleih, Theatres worldwide.

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GDR 1985: Within a 24-hour interrogation an officer of the East German secret police STASI is trying to force engineer Jürgen Schulz to withdraw his exit-permit application to leave the country. The STASI-officer pulls out all the stops to succeed…

Historical background: Until the fall of the Berlin Wall, 33,755 political prisoners were deported to West Germany in return for hard currency payments. East Germany obtained a total of 3.4 billion marks in this manner.

24. International Shortfilm Festival interfilm Berlin, Mini Movie German Short Award 2008
30. Biberacher Filmfestspiele, Best Shortfilm
20. Fano International Filmfestival, Special-Mention of the Jury
radioeins Open Air Cinema Series 2009, Berlin-Friedrichshain, Best Shortfilm 2009 (audience voting)
FBW Official German Seal of Approval: »highly recommended«
FBW Official German Seal of Approval: Film of the Month (august 2008)

National On-Air-Premiere via 3sat (August 22nd 2009).
International On-Air-Premiere via JOI (Pay-TV Italy)
Since then numerous airings by other tv stations, e.g. ZDF Kultur, ZDF Neo, RBB, MDR, BR, Einsfestival.

- 29. Filmfestival Max Ophuels Preis 2008 (Saarbruecken), National Premiere on Jan. 15th 2008
- Filmfest Augenweide 2008 (Kiel)
- Wendland Shorts 2008 (Salderatzen)
- 15. Filmfest OpenEyes 2008 (Marburg)
- Filmfest Shorts At Moonlight 2008 (Hofheim)
- 12. Rhode Island International Film Festival 2008 (Providence, USA), US-Premiere on Aug. 8th 2008
- 23. Independent Film Festival Osnabrück, 2008
- 5. International Film Festival Eberswalde, 2008
- 10. International Shortfilm Festival Munich, 2008
- 50. Nordic Film Days Lübeck, 2008
- 20. Fano International Filmfestival 2008 (Fano, Italy)
- 30. Biberacher Film Festival, 2008
- Konstanzer Shortfilm Festival 2008
- 24. International Shortfilm Festival interfilm Berlin 2008, National Competition
- FOYLE Film Festival 2008 (Derry, Northern-Ireland)
- 15. Regensburger Shortfilm Week
- FILMZ Festival of Germany Cinema 2008, Mainz
- Filmfest Landau 2008
- 19. Bamberger Shortfilm Days, 2009
- Kontrast 2009 - 10. Bayreuther Filmfest
- 22. FIPA Festival International de Programme Audiovisuels, 2009 (Biarritz, France)
- Festival Regard sur le court métrage au Saguenay 2009 (Saguenay-Chicoutimi, Canada)
- Go Short 2009 - international short film festival nijmegen (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
- 10. Landshuter Shortfilm Festival, 2009
- 8. Germany Cinema Weeks in Poland, 2009 (Toured 10 cities, u.a. Breslau, Danzig, Kattowitz)
- 9. Independent Days Karlsruhe, 2009
- 21. Filmfest Dresden, 2009 (plus Tour »20 Years after the Revolution«, Screenings u.a. in Chemnitz, Halle, Rostock)
- 16. Augsburger Shortfilm Week, 2009
- VIS Vienna Independent Shorts International Short Film Festival 2009, Vienna
- radioeins Open-Air cinema Berlin-Friedrichshain, Competition Best Shortfilms 2009 (Mai 2009)
- Shorts Attack-»Aufstand, Rebellion!« in Memory of June 17th 1953, Theatre Babylon Berlin-Mitte, June 17th 2009
- 7th International Short Film Festival »In the Palace« 2009 (Balchik, Bulgaria)
- 7. Film Festival Internazionale Cortometraggio Salento Finibus Terrae, 2009 (San Vito dei Normanni, Italy)
radioeins Open-Air cinema Berlin-Friedrichshain, Presentation Winner of Best Shortfilm 2009 (August 2009)
- Zomerparkfest Venlo 2009 (Netherlands, August 2009)
- I've seen films 2009 - International Short Film Festival Milan (Mailand, Italy), International Competition
- International Shortfilm Festival interfilm Berlin 2009, Special Program »Ostfront-Westfront«
- This Human World Festival 2009, Vienna
- »Discovering the Power of Cinema«, Theatre De Balie (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
- »German Short Film Showcase 2010«, Bangkok Art and Culture Center (Bangkok, Thailand)
- 13th Brussels Short Film Festival, Special Program »Allemagne 1 - Le Syndrôme de la Stasi« (Brussels, Belgium)
- EXPO 2010 (Shanghai, China), May to October 2010, several screenings with chinese subtitles(!)
- Augenblicke 2010 (Jan.-Apr.), Theatre Program of The German Bishops' Conference with Screenings in 21 cities
- 1. International Film Festival Potsdam 2014, Special Program '25 years after the wall came down' on October 12th 2014

Anna and the Soldier

Germany 2004

Rated 'recommended' by the FBW (Germany´s official seal of approval for films)

125+ Film Festivals worldwide
15+ Awards

In co-production with
Honnom Film GbR

Genre: Drama
Duration: 10 Minutes
Capturing Format: Super 16mm
Screening Formats: 35mm, BetaCam, DVD
Sound: Dolby SR
Shot on location in Italy

Anna – Pheline Roggan
Soldat – Steffen Schroeder

Script – Sören Hüper & Christian Prettin
Directors – Sören Hüper & Christian Prettin
Executive Producer – Dirk Roggan
DOP – Marcus Kanter
Editor – Alerich Lenz
Music – Thomas Onderka
Production Design – Anna Alaeddine
Costume Design – Meike Sudholz
Makeup – Elena Kulke

Worldwide Theatre Distribution by:
W-Film Verleih

Italy 1950. Eighteen years old Anna is the only survivor of a brutal massacre commited by german soldiers in an italian village shortly before the end of the second world war. Haunted by her nightmares she is living a loners live, but then some day the chance to take vengeance comes up quite suddenly ...

16.07.2006: best short film drama, da vinci film & video festival in corvallis, oregon (usa).
12.05.2006: 3rd place shortfilm, indie producer film festivals in los angeles (usa).
30.04.2006: best foreign shortfilm, nyc downtown shorts in new york (usa).
20.03.2006: best dramatic short - foreign, 9th zoie film festival in marietta, georgia (usa)
29.01.2006: silver medal for excellence - director's choice for best impact of music, park city film festival, utah (usa).
08.01.2006: top ten winner, flickering image festival in hollywood (usa).
18.11.2005: ulrich-schiegg filmpreis in gold, gosbacher filmdays.
30.10.2005: best fiction shortfilm, eureka! international film festival in new york city (usa).
18.09.2005: golden toof award, best foreign shortfilm, toofy film fest in boulder, colorado (usa)
14.08.2005: best foreign film, gloria international film festival in salt lake city, utah (usa).
22.05.2005: best short, flint film festival in flint, michigan (usa).
27.03.2005: best foreign film and best cinematography, foursite film festival in ogden, utah (usa)
19.02.2005: honorable mention world cinema shorts, diy filmfestival in los angeles (usa).
07.01.2005: Recommendation by Germany´s Official Film Seal Approval Institution FBW
28.10.2004: premio speciale della giuria, 16. fano international film festival in fano (Italy).

- Fano International Film Festival Fano 2004 (Italy)
- Hearts & Minds Film Festival 2005, Willmington, DE (USA)
- Tiburon International Film Festival 2005, Tiburon, CA (USA)
- Foursite Film Festival 2005, Ogden, Utah (USA)
- East Lansing Film Festival 2005, East Lansing, MI (USA)
- Ashland Independent Film Festival 2005, Ashland, OR (USA)
- Sacramento International Film Festival 2005, Sacramento, CA (USA)
- Sonoma Valley Film Festival 2005, Sonoma Valley, CA (USA)
- New River Film Festival 2005, Blacksburg, VI (USA)
- Garden State Film Festival 2005, Asbury Park, NJ (USA)
- Phoenix Film Festival 2005, Phoenix, AZ (USA)
- San Fernando Valley Int. Film Festival 2005, North Hollywood, CA (USA)
- River Run International Film Festival 2005, Winston-Salem, NC (USA)
- Memphis International Film Festival 2005, Memphis, TN (USA)
- Newport Beach Film Festival 2005, Newport Beach, CA (USA)
- Trenton Film Festival 2005, Trenton, NJ (USA)
- Athens International Film & Videofestival 2005, Athens, Ohio (USA)
- Santa Cruz Film Festival 2005, Santa Cruz, CA (USA)
- Moondance Boulder 2005, CO (USA)
- Empire Film Festival 2005, Albany, NY (USA)
- Flint Film Festival 2005, Flint, MI (USA)
- Festroia International Film Festival 2005, Setubal (Portugal)
- Bellaria Film Festival 2005, Bellaria(Italy)
- Forest Grove International Film Festival 2005, Forest Grove, OR (USA)
- Jackson Hole Film Festival 2005, Jackson, WY (USA)
- Winnipeg International Film Festival 2005, Winnipeg (Canada)
- DeadCenter Film Festival 2005, Oklahoma City, OK (USA)
- Message to Man Film Festival 2005, St. Petersburg (Russia)
- Short Express 2005, Salerno (Italy)
- Long Island International Film Expo 2005 New York, NJ (USA)
- Woods Hole Film Festival 2005, MA (USA)
- Gloria International Film Festival 2005, Salt Lake City, Utah (USA)
- Rhode Island International Film Festival 2005, Newport, RI (USA)
- Sacramento Film & Music Festival 2005, Sacramento, CA (USA)
- Rivers Edge Film Festival 2005, Paducah, KY (USA)
- Tahoe/ Reno International Film Festival 2005, Tahoe/ Reno, NE (USA)
- Stratford upon Avon Film Festival 2005, Stratford (UK)
- L.A. International Short Film Festival 2005, Los Angeles, CA (USA)
- Rome International Film Festival 2005, Rome, Georgia (USA)
- Breckenridge Film Festival 2005, Breckenridge, CO (USA)
- Bluegrass Independent Film Festival 2005, Louisville, KY (USA)
- Toofy Filmfest 2005, Boulder, CO (USA)
- DC Shorts 2005, Washington, DC (USA)
- Big Bear Lake Film Festival 2005, Big Bear Lake, CA (USA)
- Great Lakes Independent Film Festival 2005, Erie, PA (USA)
- Raindance 2005, London (UK)
- Quittapahilla Film Festival 2005, Annville, PA (USA)
- ARPA International Film Festival 2005, Hollywood, CA (USA)
- West Chester Film Festival 2005, West Chester, PA (USA)
- Eureka! International Film Festival 2005, New York, NJ (USA)
- Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival 2005, Birmingham, Alabama (USA)
- Westwood International Film Festival 2005, Los Angeles, California (USA)
- 35. ROSHD Film Festival 2005, Teheran (Iran)
- Nevada City Film Festival 2005, Nevada City, California (USA)
- Whistler Film Festival 2005, Whistler (Kanada)
- FAIF Film Festival 2005, Hollywood, California (USA)
- Lucca Short Film Festival 2005, Lucca (Italy)
- Zion Independent Film Festival 2005, Springdale, Utah (USA)
- International Film Festival of India 2005, Goa (India)
- Cinequest Online (Viewers Voice) 2005, San Jose (USA)
- Golden Lion Film Festival 2005, Manzini (Swasiland)
- Starz Denver International Film Festival 2005, Denver, Colorado (USA)
- Tulsa Uncensored Film Festival 2005, Tulsa, Oklahoma (USA)
- Annapolis Film Festival 2005, Annapolis, Maryland (USA)
- Foyle Film Festival 2005, Derry (Nordirland)
- Alameda Film Festival 2005, Alameda, California (USA)
- Carrefour des Cinemas 2005, Paris (Frankreich)
- Northampton Independent Film Festival 2005, Northampton, Maryland (USA)
- Delray Beach Film Festival 2005, Delray Beach, Florida (USA)
- Paste Shorts - Decatur 2005, Georgia (USA)
- Ohio Independent Film Festival 2005, Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
- Deep Ellum Film Festival 2005, Dallas, Texas (USA)
- Griffon International Film Festival 2005, St. Joseph, Missouri (USA)
- Queens International Film Festival 2005, New York City (USA)
- Nolita Film Festival 2005, New York City (USA)
- Golden Star Shorts Fest 2006, Los Angeles, California (USA)
- Global Peace Film Festival 2006, Orlando, Florida (USA)
- Park City Film Music Festival 2006, Park City, Utah (USA)
- Beloit International Film Festival 2006, Beloit, Wisconsin (USA)
- A Flickering Image Festival 2006, Hollywood, California (USA)
- Spiritual Film Festival 2006, Goa (India)
- Pune International Film Festival 2006, Pune (India)
- Dam Short Film Festival 2006, Boulder City, Nevada (USA)
- Bring Your Own Film Festival 2006, Puri (India)
- Carolina Film and Video Festival 2006, Greensboro, North Carolina (USA)
- Sedona International Film Festival 2006, Sedona, Arizona (USA)
- George Lindsey UNA Film Festival 2006, Florence, Alabama (USA)
- Omaha Film Festival 2006, Omaha, Nebraska (USA)
- Seaside Repetory Film Festival 2006, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida (USA)
- Zoie Film Festival 2006, Marietta, Georgia (USA)
- San Luis Obispo International Film Festival 2006, San Luis Obispo, CA (USA)
- Bare Bones International Film Festival 2006, Muskogee, Oklahoma (USA)
- Mendocino Film Festival 2006, Mendocino, California (USA)
- Southside Film Festival 2006, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania (USA)
- Sarasota Film Festival 2006, Sarasota, Florida (USA)
- Longbaugh Film Festival 2006, Portland, Oregon (USA)
- Staten Island Film Festival 2006, Staten Island, New York (USA)
- The Rebel Planet Hollywood Film Festival 2006, Hollywood, California (USA)
- Tribeca Underground Film Festiva 2006, Tribeca, New York (USA)
- Montclair International Film Festival 2006, Montclair, New Jersey (USA)
- NYC Downtown Shorts 2006, New York City (USA)
- Sunscreen Film Festival 2006, St.Petersburg, Florida (USA)
- Eugene Film Festival 2006, Eugene, Oregon (USA)
- Indie Producer Contest 2006, Beverly Hills, California (USA)
- Bridge Fest 2006, Vancouver (Canada)
- ReelheArt International Film Festival 2006, Toronto (Canada)
- Solstice Film Festival 2006, St.Paul, Minnesota (USA)
- Moviesauce Film Festival 2006, Shreveport, Louisiana (USA)
- Cinechico International Short Films 2006, Auckland (New Zealand)
- New York Short Film Festival 2006, New York City (USA)
- Da Vinci Film & Video Festival 2006, Corvallis, Oregon (USA)
- Fire Island Golden Wagon Film Festival 2006, New York City (USA)
- Action on Film Festival 2006, Long Beach, California (USA)
- The Indie Gathering 2006, Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
- Crested Butte Reel Fest 2006, Crested Butte, Colorado (USA)
- Indie Fest Chicago 2006, Chicago, Illinois (USA)
- Le Festival du Film de Strasbourg 2006, Straßburg (France)
- Independents Film Festival 2006, Tampa, Florida (USA)

- Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis 2005, Saarbrücken
- Open Eyes Filmfestival 2005, Marburg
- Lüchow Open Shorts 2005, Lüchow im Wendland
- Gosbacher Filmtage 2005, Gosbach
- Biberach Independent Film Festival 2005, Biberach
- Bamberger Kurzfilmtage 2006, Bamberg
- Zeise Shortfilm Slam 05/2006, Hamburg
- Bergisches Filmfestival 2006, Wuppertal


As producers we have a strong interest to identify and support new talents in this industry. For this reason we invented a new shortfilm festival concept in 2007 and founded the WENDLAND SHORTS Film Festival in the very same year. After pushing and supporting it through the first years, it became a stable and well-known platform for germany's new talents in film and now runs on its own.

find more information on the festival´s website

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